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5-issue miniseries
Published 2003 Image Comics

   Sehven lives a carefree life as a wheat thresher with his brother Clip. Seeking only to become a great dragonslayer to fulfill his lifelong dream, Sehv needs only to find a live dragon to kill, but in a time when dragons are thought to be long-extinct, this could prove to be much easier said than done.
   And then theres Leeka, his best friend, and a self-proclaimed full-blooded dragon.
But if its true, will Sehv be able to accomplish his goal through her?

   Feather was my first creator owned book, published in 2003 from Image Comics. It was originally a Black and White graphic novel I drew in my senior year at the School of Visual Arts in 2001, but I later redrew and colored as a pitch to Image Comics. The original B&W story differs in some respects to this "remake," though I doubt I will ever publish that original version. Feather remains my most popular series after all this time.

   Print editions of Feather are no longer available, but the entire series is on the Kindle store, as well as


   Personal Note: Between Kindle and Comixology, I'd recommend the Comixology version due to the better compression.

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