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Mortal/ Immortal
40 page one shot, 2004
Available on Kindle store.

   Mortal/Immortal is an experiment in mood and atmosphere. Shortly after
finishing up Jovas Harvest, I began production on this one-shot story about a young girl cursed to die before a certain age. In hopes of finding a cure, she seeks out and finds a mysterious immortal man living in a secluded forest. But salvation does not come for free, as the Immortal offers her an exchange instead: If she can find a way to end his life, he, in turn, will save hers.

   After doing Jova's Harvest, Mortal/ Immortal was my way of testing minimalist designs and textures. Feather, being my first creator owned series, was quite basic, Jova had an emphasis on texture work, and Mortal Immortal was the final step in the process. By studying contrast and light diffusion over parallax layers, I developed my technique to incorporate draw distance into an otherwise 2D plane. Basically, I made it so things recede much better and more naturally , thus evoking more mood and atmosphere to the whole piece. The techniques I learned with Jova and Mortal would lay the foundation for all my future works from here on in.

   Mortal/ Immortal was never published, but it is now available through Amazon Kindle and ComiXology.

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