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World Without End
Mobile Strategy RPG game for iOS and android.
Release date TBA

   World Without End is a strategy RPG for iOS and android devices. It is a Tactics style game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea, which I created, wrote, designed, directed, and illustrated.

Created, Written, Designed, Directed,
and Illustrated by
Steve Uy​

Music by
Luke Thomas
Corey Pellizzi

World Without End is a free roam strategy RPG.
You will be able to freely travel the world with full 360* movement. Full touch interface allows for virtual analog or touch screen controls as per the player's preference.

Enemies await in predesignated battle locations. Battles occur on the same screen, with no load times or transitions.

Tactics based battles are free of grids. Player dictates character movement by drawing a path for the character to follow.

Recruit any enemy you meet to your side in battle.  Once recruited, they are yours to command forever!

Fully customize your characters by spending earned Battle Points on skills. There are no experience points to overlevel with, your strategy dictates the game's dificulty!

Gigantic bosses dominate the
end of each area!

Illustrated cutscenes highlight 

key sequences.

End game bonus items include a Director's Commentary (that's me!), production art, music, and more!

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