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Feather Rex
2006, Incomplete 3-issue miniseries.

   The sequel of sorts to the the original Feather miniseries!

  Life is hard in the continent of Rakkon, but when youre a human, it's nearly impossible! Rex, a young human child abandoned in the Dragon Wars of Rakkon, ekes out a meager living with his half-breed benefactress and girlfriend, Mehna. But, as a fragile human, Rex finds himself little more than a crutch to Mehna's lifestyle...until one day, when he learns of the powers of a dragon's egg, and the strength it could bestow upon a human.
   But, in the land of Rakkon, where might one find the egg of an extinct species?

  Feather Rex is a new chapter in the world of Feather. A lost episode, it stars a new cast of characters and takes place in the interim of time chronicled in the original Feather issue #1. As such, much of the original cast from the series make guest appearances throughout the story.
   Originally envisioned as a 3-issue miniseries, I halted production in 2007 to do work for DC and Marvel. In May of 2020, I started a revised version of it for a possible Kickstarter release.

The pages you see here are from that revised edition.
   Production of Feather Rex began in May 2006.

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