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Jova's Harvest
3-issue miniseries, 2005
Published by Arcana
Available now in the Kindle store.

   An ethical drama told entirely in rhyme!  
   Jova is a Harvester, an agent of Heaven charged with the task of collecting the souls of pure mortals by facilitating their deaths.
  Once every century, the gates of Hell open and Jova is sent to seal them.
  His brother, Luci, was given the role of the Devil. But, this century, Jova has another problem to contend with. His sister, an angel of Heaven, has sold her soul to Luci so that she may live in the mortal world with her beloved brothers...

   Written entirely in rhyme, Jova's Harvest was a nightmare to write, and also the most fulfilling. It was the followup to Feather, and as such took place in  the same world. With the art, I decided to go the opposite approach of Feather and use more organic, sketchy lines. In addition, I vowed against using any blur effects so I could focus purely on textures. After this book, I would once again go in the opposite direction and focus on minimalistic shading with Mortal/ Immortal.

   Jova's Harvest is available now in the Kindle store and ComiXology. Phyical books are still available, albeit in limited quantities.

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