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FREE Lite Edition

  Oasis is a story-based Finite Action RPG Runner, available now on iOS devices. Unlike other runners, Oasis has a story and a definitive ending. You are the last survivor of a dead world, on a desperate quest to find the fabled Oasis, promised to bring life back to the barren wasteland. Set over five hand drawn and seamless worlds, you must cut your way through the vengeful spirits that seek to block your path and discover the tragic truth behind the cause of the world's ruin.

   A free lite edition was released June 25, 2014.

   Gain experience with every run and upgrade your stats and skills. All upgrades are PERMANENT, with no IAP requirements to nickel and dime you!

Created, Written, Designed, Directed, Produced, and Illustrated by ​

Steve Uy​

Programmed by John Garrison

   Intuitive one-touch control system allows you to attack, combo, defend, counter, jump, dodge, and unleash a special attack on your enemies! Simple enough for casual gamers, with hidden depth for more hardcore players!

   No pits, no one-hit kills! EARN your way to victory, with no cheap runner tactics used against you!

  True frame rate animations!

   Illustrated cutscenes reveal the secret of the world's ruin the closer you get to your goal.

   Five hand-drawn worlds with SEAMLESS transitions! No cutaways, no fadeouts, no foreground objects hiding the seams!

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