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B&W 40 page one shot, 2004.

  Selby is a young knight in training, living a hermit life in his home of Misty Bog, when one day he finds a seemingly dead girl washed up near his home. Selby takes it upon himself to bury the girl, but to his surprise, she digs her way out of her own grave!
  By Selby's code of honor, he offers to escort the girl, Leyhal, back to her home village of Shade, unaware that it is a campsite for vampires struggling to suppress their vampiric urges, and Leyahl is their leader!
   Now caught in the middle of a pack of vampires while their parents are away, can Selby survive even his first night in Shade?

  ShadowLife was a black and white story I began a few months after finishing up the original Feather miniseries. I wanted to go back to basics after working in color for so many years, but in the end, ShadowLife was only half completed. I deemed it was too soon for me to publish in B&W after doing Feather, and so I began production of Jovas Harvest instead.

  Shadowlife was envisioned as a one-shot 40-page story with the possibility of more specials to follow, depending upon its success or failure. The world I created in Shadowlife had the potential to be epic in scope, but it was slow to start and I was not sure if the market could support such a series. Someday I hope Ill be able to at least go back and finish the first issue, but with vampire stories being so played out now, who knows if that will ever happen?

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