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Titan's Tears
~300 page novel, 2006.
Published through Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook


      It is said that the tears of a Titan can cure any ailment known to man. It is said that in the land of Mysthennia, home to myths and legends, Titans once blessed the humans with their divine power. But those days are long past.
   Here now, in the deserts of Mysthennia, a lone traveler named Persis searches for the last remaining Titan. In search of the cure to the horrific curse that has debilitated his beloved Deiana, Persis has vowed to stop at nothing to save her, even if it means finding the Titan, overcoming the Guardians set in place by Zeus himself, and wrenching from the Titan its tear through the only means known to man...

   There are two versions of Titan's Tears. Originally, it was my followup to Jova's Harvest and Mortal/ Immortal back in 2006. I decided to take a new approach to writing the script by writing it completely in prose, to get a better understanding of the characters' motivations. Typically I would only write the dialogue before drawing the actual comic pages. Before I knew it, I had written 300 pages in 2 weeks! At the time, however, I knew nothing about the book market and didn't know how to go about shopping it properly to publishers, and along with my work for Marvel and DC that year, Titan's Tears the novel just never got published.
   Until now, that is. The novel is available now through Kindle.

Titan's Tears (graphic novel)

100 page graphic novel, incomplete, 2009


   In late 2009, I decided to go back to my original intent and illustrate Titan's Tears as the graphic novel it was intended to be. I finished the first 11 pages before scratching the project, with the comic book market in such bad shape at the time it was simply too much of a risk to continue the project, and I later ended up working for an animation studio instead.

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